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Homeopathy- your path to natural healing

Homeopathy is the fastest growing form of complimentary medicine worldwide, find out how homeopathy can help you and your family restore your health and bring back balance in your lives, NATURALLY!

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Welcome to Homeopathy Health and Healing

Your San Diego Homeopath

Margo Cohen, RN, BSN, CHom
Classical Homeopath

This San Diego homeopathy practice is dedicated to provide individualized health consultations and to integrate and evaluate your current state of health with homeopathic remedies. Well chosen remedies may help support your immune function as well as provide an overall sense of balance, at a time when immune function needs to be at its peak. Homeopathy is a system of medicine which involves treating the individual with highly diluted substances with the aim of triggering the body's natural system of healing.  It's safety in helping treat many ailment is unparalleled in today's medical model, regardless of the age of the individual.  Homeopathy is becoming the fastest growing form of complimentary medicine, call to find out how Margo Cohen and homeopathy can help you.

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You may contact Margo Cohen for an appointment at 858-386-1234 or Email Us

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Our homeopathy practice is conveniently located near University City/La Jolla and serving the greater San Diego area.

3737 Moraga Ave A-207
San Diego, CA 92117


Margo Cohen | San Diego Homeopath

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